CHRONOS (Film Printmaster Stereo Fold Down)


The incredible, 43 minute long (single track!) ambient score, composed by Michael Stearns (“Baraka”, “Samsara”).

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“CHRONOS”, an IMAX (15 perf, 70MM) film by director/cinematographer Ron Fricke (Koyaanisqatsi, Baraka, Samsara), is a pan-dimensional tour through time and space with ports of call throughout the ancient and modern worlds. Ron designed and supervised the building of the camera used to shoot the time-lapse cinematography. Michael consulted with Ron on the music for each of the film’s movements, then traveled with the crew on the first shoot to Egypt and Italy to get a feeling for the different rhythms of time being captured in the camera. Before beginning the score, he installed a 6 channel surround sound system at his M’ocean studio in Santa Monica. This helped in the creation of a dynamic spatial design for the score, while he composed and recorded the music. When the crew returned from filming, the picture was edited to the completed score.

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