Dummy (6~16 Months)

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  • Superior product, made from natural rubber
  • A fine choice to act as a dummy product. Literally

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Developer notes: See how this particular product is discounted, for the purposes of this demonstration Website? (Regular price £2.95, but on offer at £2.50 here). Setting up and offering simple price discounts like this is a built-in feature of WooCommerce – and can typically coax prospective customers into committing to a purchase (or adding more items to their planned order).

This (ahem…) “dummy” product also has a large level of stock (this needn’t be disclosed to visitors to the shop, but can help reassure customers that your store is an established retailer in your particular market sector).

As always, clear, ideally “cut-out” style product photography helps to promote the item(s) offered – including enabling customers to “zoom in” on an even better quality, BIGGER version of the image(s).

Additional information

Weight 75 kg

Rubber (natural)


Suitably for infants aged 6-16 months


Orange (translucent)