A regular sight to be seen on "Basket" and "Checkout" pages of online shops is the beloved "Voucher code" box (also often referred to as "Coupon" codes).

Customers in possession of such a code can then carefully enter it into the box provided - and receive a discount off their order total, boosting your Conversion Rates in the process.

Happy Customers. Happy Merchant!

Creating and promoting codes such as these is a quick and painless exercise on WooCommerce - but mastering the use of them can be considerably more challenging.

Contact @mounsey to discuss the options available for discount coupons and voucher codes - and by all means try it out for yourself in the meantime, using the demonstration code(s) below.

Demo WooCommerce coupon code(s)

  • Add a product to your order
  • Go to the basket
  • Enter the code SAVE10 in the "Coupon code" box
  • Click/tap "Apply coupon"
  • Your discount (in this case 10% off) will show on the "Basket totals" block

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